Phovember 2015 - Rejects!
November 2015
Day 2 Rejects
Day 2 Rejects<br />Reason: I liked the way the droplet stands out but the composition didn't really hang together
Day 2 Rejects<br />Reason: Again, I liked the droplet but it was all a bit cluttered and I preferred the cleaner background of the one I finally chose.
Day 2 Rejects<br />Reason: The bug isn't sharp enough
Day 3 Rejects
Day 3 Rejects<br />Reason: I wanted to get a shot of the swan spreading its wings but from the front!
Day 3 Rejects<br />Reason: There is no real focal point in this shot and the lower third of the frame is a bit untidy
Day 4 Rejects
Day 4 Rejects<br />Reason: There is lots of distracting foliage over Bunny's eye, cheek and mouth
Day 7 Rejects
Day 7 Rejects<br />Reason: I can't remember why I didn't choose this one - I quite like it now!
Day 8 Rejects
Day 8 Rejects<br />Reason: I preferred the final shot!
Day 8 Rejects<br />Reason: I preferred the final shot!
Day 10 Rejects
Day 10 Rejects<br />Reason: I tried for ages to get a shot of the Greater Crested Grebe diving but this lacks sharpness and it's not easy to identify
Day 10 Rejects<br />Reason: I tried for ages to get a shot of the Greater Crested Grebe diving but this lacks sharpness and it's not easy to identify
Day 10 Rejects<br />Reason: The overlapping birds don't really work as a nice composition
Day 10 Rejects<br />Reason: I liked this but preferred the final shot
Day 11 Rejects
Day 11 Rejects<br />Reason: I preferred the crop of the chosen shot
Day 11 Rejects<br />Reason: This is just a dull windmill photo!
Day 12 Rejects
Day 12 Rejects<br />Reason: I preferred 'Yellow Peril'!
Day 13 Rejects
Day 13 Rejects<br />Reason: This is a bit under exposed and there is no clear focal point
Day 14 Rejects
Day 14 Rejects<br />Reason: The camera angle was too high
Day 15 Rejects
Day 15 Rejects<br />Reason: I preferred the viewpoint of the chosen picture
Day 17 Rejects
Day 17 Rejects<br />Reason: The single leaf wasn't as interesting as the group
Day 17 Rejects<br />Reason: The trails between the stars are not really as well defined as I'd hoped
Day 17 Rejects<br />Reason: This looks a bit messy and you can see the blu-tac used to fasten the stars!
Day 18 Rejects
Day 18 Rejects<br />Reason: The sunlight is on the wrong side of the ruin so there's too much shadow on the facing side
Day 18 Rejects<br />Reason: The windblown grass didn't come out as well as I'd hoped and the abstract effect isn't as strong as it should have been. Also, the flare on the right hand side is too strong
Day 18 Rejects<br />Reason: This is a bit boring and the focus is slightly off
Day 20 Rejects
Day 20 Rejects<br />Reason: The iron fitting in the top right of the frame is a bit distracting
Day 21 Rejects
Day 21 Rejects<br />Reason: I was trying to get a nice reflection in Bunny's eye but this one didn't quite work
Day 24 Rejects
Day 24 Rejects<br />Reason: Although this didn't have the feeder and so looked more natural, the focus wasn't very good
Day 24 Rejects<br />Reason: The composition didn't work quite as well as the pair of birds
Day 25 Rejects
Day 25 Rejects<br />Reason: I wanted to call this 'Nessie' but it wasn't quite as clear as the one I chose
Day 25 Rejects<br />Reason: The star trails are a bit wobbly
Day 26 Rejects
Day 26 Rejects<br />Reason: I wanted to call this 'Wet Feet' but the Thrush photo was better
Day 26 Rejects<br />Reason: A nice in-flight shot but it was underexposed and needed too much pulling of the shadows which has introduced some noise
Day 26 Rejects<br />Reason: The branch at the back of the Kestrel obscures the tail
Day 26 Rejects<br />Reason: This was nearly chosen but I liked the Thrush better
Day 27 Rejects
Day 27 Rejects<br />Reason: I liked the shape that the slug and the apple made but there wasn't enough interesting detail on the slug itself
Day 28 Rejects
Day 28 Rejects<br />Reason: Because of the extreme wide angle, I struggled to get this straight.  Also, it's a bit boring!
Day 28 Rejects<br />Reason: Lacks atmosphere in the background
Day 29 Rejects
Day 29 Rejects<br />Reason: I wanted to call this 'Clodagh' (after the storm) but it didn't quite work out as I'd hoped
Day 29 Rejects<br />Reason: The top wing is too close to the edge of the frame
Day 29 Rejects<br />Reason: This wasn't quite as good as the turnstone
Day 29 Rejects<br />Reason: The ruffled feathers are a bit untidy
Day 30 Rejects
Day 30 Rejects<br />Reason: The rainbows are a bit ragged
Day 30 Rejects<br />Reason: There's not enough separation between the beams

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