Garden progress
March 2004 - March 2005
How it will look!
<IMG src=images/time_040327.gif><br>27 March 2004:<br>How it all began!
<IMG src=images/time_040409.gif><br>9 April 2004:<br>Work gets underway...
<IMG src=images/time_040411.gif><br>11 April 2004:<br>Walls and tree gone
<IMG src=images/time_040417.gif><br>17 April 2004:<br>The pond and the well are next!
<IMG src=images/time_040418.gif><br>18 April 2004:<br>Path, holes & wall round pond gone!
<IMG src=images/time_040420.gif><br>20 April 2004:<br>Base for workshop
<IMG src=images/time_040421.gif><br>21 April 2004:<br>Wall footings gone
<IMG src=images/time_040421.gif><br>21 April 2004:<br>More concrete!
<IMG src=images/time_040425.gif><br>25 April 2004:<br>One side done!
<IMG src=images/time_040508.gif><br>8 May 2004:<br>Nearly there!
<IMG src=images/time_040514.gif><br>14 May 2004:<br>One shed up - two to go.
<IMG src=images/time_040725.gif><br>25 July 2004:<br>Then it all went wrong...
<IMG src=images/time_040820.gif><br>20 August 2004:<br>...a bad back strikes me down!
<IMG src=images/time_050102.gif><br>2 January 2005:<br>A new year - a new start
<IMG src=images/time_050201.gif><br>1 February 2005:<br>I quite like it like this!
<IMG src=images/time_050320.gif><br>20 March 2005:<br>Nearly there... again!
<IMG src=images/time_050327.gif><br>27 March 2005:<br>Exactly 1 year to the day after I started...
10 April 2005:<br>Trees
11 April 2005:<br>First Bastard Weed!
11 April 2005:<br>First Mow - bit wobbly!!
2 August 2005:<br>The Herb Garden
2 August 2005:<br>The Vegetable Garden
2 August 2005:<br>My First Apple!
2 August 2005
2 August 2005
2 August 2005:<br>I made this myself!
7 August 2005
17 August 2005:<br>Some of the produce...
17 August 2005
17 August 2005
28 August 2005
4 September 2005:<br>The top half was fed about a week ago!
15 November 2005:<br>This made lovely Leek & Potato soup!
27 December 2005

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