New Year 2005/06
QBA - The best bar in Berlin!
Johno, John & Wendy
Johno, John & Me
Lipstick and Powderpuff???
Nigel (our guide) in full swing...
The 'dom'
Restored entrance to the Dom
I can't remember what this building was!
Nigel (our guide) really loved this building... Not!<br>apparently it won't be there next year!
The 'dom' again
If anyone knows what this building is please let me know!!
Berlin’s TV tower
Spot the pigeon!
This building is covered in painted tarpaulins showing<br>what it will look like when it has been restored
I wondered how many people had been run over...
...trying to photograph these lights???
Apparently the Nazis kept all their weapons here
This is a memorial of some kind<br>I can’t remember exactly what it is for though!
Humboldt Universitaet
Humboldt Universitaet
Humboldt Universitaet... again
Still Humboldt Universitaet
The ‘book memorial’ for all the books the Nazis burned.<br>You can just see the empty shelves
Two identical cathedrals are at each end of this platz
Johno, Wendy & John<br>First taste of Glühwein... Yuk!
Johno, Me & John
Me, Wendy & John<br>I wish someone had told me how stupid<br>that ear warmer looked!
The other ‘Identical Twin’ cathedral
The map room<br>A great model of Berlin
Part of Museum Island
That is the Brandenberg Gate at this end<br>with Unter den Linden (Under the Lime Trees) beyond
Model of the ‘Identical Twin’ cathedrals
Unter den Linden (Under the Lime Trees)
Parisienne Platz and The Brandenberg Gate
The Brandenberg Gate
Museum Island
Checkpoint Charlie:<br>looking towards the American Sector
Checkpoint Charlie:<br>looking towards the Russian Sector
This is all that is left of ’The Wall’
All that remains of the wall
The Nazi’s Air Defence Building... apparently the<br> RAF missed this building completely during the war!
Communist propaganda mural on the side of<br>the Nazi’s Air Defence Building
Site of the Bunker
‘Memorial to the Jews killed in Europe’
Jewish Memorial
‘The Pope’s Revenge’
Wendy & John with The Brandenberg Gate behind
Unter den Linden (Under the Lime Trees)
Hackescher Markt
QBA Cuban Bar: New Year’s Eve<br>John, Johno & Wendy
Johno, Wendy & Me
Me, John & Johno
Wendy, Me & John
John & Johno
Pina colada & Me
Pina colada & Wendy
Me & John
Johno & Wendy
John, Johno & Wendy
Me, John, Johno & Wendy
Very safety conscious the Germans!!
John & Wendy
Johno & The Waitress!
Agnes’ friend, Agnes & Me
Johno & Agnes
The New Years holiday comes to an end!

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