Cancer Research UK 10
Kentwell Hall - 9 October 2005
For Vera & Lil
Johno finishes first!
Andy will be along any minute now...  any minute... any minute
"Come on uncle Andrew, you’re nearly last!"
A very welcome lunch!  Thanks Mandy!
Johno’s medal
My medal... never again!
My report on the day...

First of all I must say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me for this event and to all my fellow runners who helped to raise so much money for Cancer Research.

Here are my thoughts on how the day went...

I have to say it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I entered this event. Being a dedicated couch potato and slob for many years I was more than a little concerned about how I would cope with running the full 10 kilometers. However, I told myself that a healthy man in the prime of his life (hah!) should be able to cope with a little physical exersion, that it was for a very worthy cause and would ultimately do me a power of good. So, after embarking on a somewhat laid back training routine, the fateful day dawned and we arrived at the beautiful Kentwell Hall in Long Melford.

The day began with an aerobic warm up, led by a fitness guru from some gym in Bury St. Edmunds, and as we struggled to keep step, I couldn't help noticing that everyone around us seemed far more athletic and toned than us! What had we let ourselves in for?? After a few essential stretches, (how do you do your quads without looking like a pissed stork?), the run began and we set off into the lovely Suffolk countryside. There were some stunning views along the way, (what is it about lycra that makes girls arses look so damn good?)... erm... so, anyway, with our goals right in front of us we started knocking off the kilometers with surprising ease - despite the fact that the promised 'flat' course did in fact contain several excruciatingly cruel hills and ankle crippling terrain!

Then after about 8.5k disaster struck in the form of a niggling calf injury systained during training. I could almost hear the muscle fibres tearing as my leg buckled and I hit the ground head first (anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating this to gain sympathy is, of course, absolutely right - but it did hurt!!). Concerned cries of "you alright mate?" wafted by as I struggled to my feet with all hopes of an olympic qualifying time completely dashed. Shattered, I hobbled the last kilometer or so and as I entered the final stretch I was greeted with encouraging cheers from my 8 year old niece... "Get a move on Uncle Andrew, you're nearly last!". I finally crossed the finish line in a rather unremarkable time of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

After a very welcome lunch of sausages, bacon and tea kindly brought along by my sister-in-law, (thanks Mandy!), we headed for the nearest pub grumbling quietly to ourselves... "never, ever again!"

So, what have I learnt from this experience?... Well, basically, that jogging is without doubt the worst form of excercise known to man and I would strongly advise anyone considering taking up this ridiculous pastime to think again! It is very dull and boring (apart from the sight of bottom filled lycra of course!) not to mention being extremely dangerous! I am now going to hang up my running shoes for good and join a yoga class!!

Thanks again if you sponsored me for this event. If you didn't I'm afraid there won't be another chance!!!

Andy (

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