Holkham Hall
October 2005
Lance puts up the trailer tent
Rainbow over Holkham
The little pixies!
Kerry "Dirty Knees" Gooden!
These chairs were v. comfortable to start with... They got a bit painful after a few days though!
My brother Lance
Gill & Pauline
Kerry, Mandy & Jack
Pauline (tea) & Lance (beer)!
Bethan & Emma
Rob & Lance
Errm... some boats!
Jack & Emma
The best duck pond in the world!
Errm... some more boats...!
And... some more boats...!
Not just an ordinary boat this one...
It’s a broken boat!
Mud!  Lovely Mud!
It’s OK kids, you don’t have to eat any of this stuff!
A lovely seaside day!
Emma & Me - really enjoying the seaside!
More lovely weather!
Cromer pier
Cromer Lifeboat
At least someone has their dinner sorted out!
The Frasers, The Livings and the Goodens
I think this place was called "The Dolphin"
Me, Jessica & Lance
Me & Lance
Den & Jack
Getting ready for the bike ride...<br>What we came here for!
Jack (80)<br>Kerry doing some essential last minute maintenance!
Emma (81)<br>watching Daddy do some essential last minute maintenance!
My bike and my car
Holkham Hall
The first stretch of the 6 mile course
Kerry "off roading"!
Kerry - getting back on track!
Mandy & Emma
Stopped for a chin wag!
Lance, Me & Emma
The Finish!
Kerry & Emma get their medals...
...and their certificates
They had all just cycled 12 miles in total<br>Didn’t they do well!
A well earned rest!

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